Courses for Parents, Teachers and Professionals Working with Children

The Joy of Parenting Course
The Joy of Parenting is a cutting edge parenting course designed by Susie Walton, based on the
culmination of over 23 years of parenting classes, parent and family coaching, and personal development
classes.  It is also based on Susie's book
Key to Personal Freedom: How Myths Affect Our Family Lives.  
This class is for the parent who is seeking to raise their children in a more conscious way, fostering the
development of trust and respect between all family members.  Whole Hearted Parenting is one of only two
organizations outside of San Diego certified to offer The Joy of Parenting.  Click
here for the schedule of

Redirecting Children's Behavior Course
This fifteen hour course is comprehensive, informative, effective and fun.  You receive the Redirecting
Children's Behavior
book, and workbook.  From ending the rivalry,fighting and power struggles to handling
your child's emotions, you walk away from this course with the hundreds of peaceful parenting tools.  For
parents of children ages 18 months to 18 years.  CEU's are available for nurses, LCSW's, LMHC's, LMFT's,
Midwives, Psychologists and School Psychologists.  Click
here to see scheduled courses and enroll.

Online Redirecting Children's Behavior Course
You can now take the Redirecting Children's Behavior Course online at your own pace, on your own
schedule, and in the comfort of your own home through Peace in Your Home.  Click
here for more.

Whole Hearted Adoption™ Course
In this full day intimate workshop, you will explore beliefs and myths about adoption, parenthood and
family building.  You gain skills for and a deeper understanding of attachment and bonding, the language
around adoption, discussing adoption with your children at each developmental stage and your adoption
focus.  The course is open to parents, birth parents, grandparents, professionals in the adoption field and
family members over the age of 15.   
Click here to see scheduled courses and enroll.

Pre- and Post-Placement Adoption Workshops
For parents in the process of adopting.  Terrific for agencies to offer their adopting parents.  To schedule a
workshop, call or
e-mail us.

Development Training for Teachers
In these two-, four- and eight-hour workshops, teachers gain flexible, creative tools to build cooperation,
handle conflict as an opportunity for growth, and develop a self-regulating classroom where children feel
safe and heard.  To schedule a workshop, call or
e-mail us.  

Seminars for Parents and Teachers
One- to two-hour workshops on hot-button issues.  Terrific for PTA's, PTO's, conferences and
organizations serving children and families.  Can be used as fundraisers for your organization.  
Click here
to see the list of available workshops.  To schedule a workshop, call or
e-mail us.

Instructor Training for Redirecting Children's Behavior™ Course
Become a certified instructor of the Redirecting Children's Behavior course and a member of the Redirecting
Children's Behavior South Florida Team.  
Click here to find out more.

Camp Staff Training
Create team with your summer camp staff and provide them with the tools to create team with the children
attending camp.  Programs include creating a cooperative team, handling challenges and behavioral issues
that may arise, talking with parents, and understanding and engaging main-streamed children.  Through
this experiential workshop, your camp staff will be prepared to handle uncomfortable or challenging
situations with a focus on positive resolution, camper self-reliance, and win-win negotiation.  
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find out more.

Courses for Corporations and Organizations

Deliver the Message without Being the Bad Guy
Are staff members or employees in your organization entrusted with evaluating, inspecting, or qualifying
others? In this three-hour workshop your staff will explore the concepts of authority, creating team,
personal mission and intention.  We discuss responses and options for your specific challenges so that the
message gets delivered effectively and compassionately and is heard by the recipient.  To schedule a
workshop, call or
e-mail us.   

Creating and Inspiring Team
Team influences creativity, productivity, the climate at your organization, and employee retention.  This
three-hour seminar explores accountability, cooperation and pitfalls that sabotage team.  To schedule a
workshop, call or
e-mail us.

Gourmet Lunch 'N Learn Series
Corporations such as Morgan Stanley, Freshfields, and HSBC are finding that educational parenting
seminars at work are helping employees be more effective parents and more focused employees.  Locally,
Whole Hearted Parenting has collaborated with Zagat-rated Elle's Restaurant in Miramar to bring you a
gourmet lunch and a gourmet workshop.  
Click here to see the dates and topics.  Your company can now
be ahead of the curve in providing this benefit for your employees by bringing lunch 'n learns to your
business.  To schedule a workshop, call us at 954-483-8021 or
e-mail us.
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